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Test your english

Junior, Senior?

Metti subito alla prova il tuo inglese..

con il nostro test!


Voglio lavorare a Londra!

So you want to work and study in London?5257160-3d-rendering-of-a-heart-with-union-jack

Make no mistake: if you’re finding it difficult to understand this paragraph, or even the title of this pamphlet, you’re not fit for any kind of gainful employment in an English-speaking country.

(Confuso? Leggi la traduzione in italiano!)

Ask yourself this question: do I want to scour floors in an office, or make beds in a hotel, or scrub greasy pans in a kitchen, all for minimum wage, ten hours a day, just to be able to say: I was there, I lived in London?

ingl_lon2And consider this: who would be your colleagues, the people you’d be interacting with all day long? Why, certainly not native English speakers with any kind of formal education! No, at the most your boss might be a native speaker, while all the rest will be comprised of hopeful foreigners with dodgy legal status who are accepting scandalously low wages for back-breaking jobs, hoping to support themselves and learn English. Just as yourself.

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If you put yourself in this situation you will end up:

A) Possibly in debt, but let’s be optimistic and say you manage to cover all your expenses; you will NOT be able to put away even the smallest sum: if you’re going abroad to “make money”, then you’re sadly mistaken.

B) Speaking English in a very limited array of contexts, such as “Where’s my paycheck?” or “I took the night shift three times this week already! Give it to Pablo this time.” And with a very strong accent- possibly Indian.

C) On the bright side, you’ll probably learn to swear in many new and interesting ways! And in many different languages too!

D) You’ll only have time for a couple of hours of English lessons a day, and they’re likely to be evening classes-provided you have the energy after a full day’s work.

So, is this a hopeless pipe-dream? No, don’t get discouraged so easily. 

There’re several options open to you at this point: firstly, consider a city other than London. There are many other interesting cities out there, where there is less competition.

Secondly, aim to improve your English by choosing a good language school and then arranging your schedule around that, rather than the opposite.

Thirdly, ask us about work/study programs, which are specially designed courses set up by language schools to help long-term students find a job; but remember: they will only help you, not guarantee a position, and only once you’ve reached an appropriate level of English by attending their classes.

studente_universita_speranzaIn conclusion:
working in London = life experience.
Learning English is a different matter.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've read all the way through and you still think you have what it takes to begin working immediately without further language learning, then we can help you as well. Check out our Work Experience page to find out more!

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